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Red Series • Updating Your Firmware • Hubitat
Red Series • Updating Your Firmware • Hubitat
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NOTE: If you have a C4 or C5, please use the instructions for using the Z-Wave Firmware Updater Driver as the C4 and C5 do not support the use of the, "Device Firmware Updater" built in app.

There are a couple of ways to update your Z-Wave firmware using Hubitat. The easiest way is to use the built-in, "Device Firmware Updater" app, however, if you have a C4 or C5, you'll have to use a different method, which is using a special driver.

Updating Using the Device Firmware Updater

Again, please do not use this method if you have the C4 and C5, but rather use the, "Updating Using the Z-Wave Firmware Updater Driver".

Make sure you have a recent version of Hubitat. If you don't see the same interface as below it is likely you need to update your system.

  1. Find and download the firmware file you want from the following location: InovelliUSA/Firmware: A centralized location for Inovelli device firmware files. (

    For more information on finding the correct file, please see the following link:

  2. Navigate to the "Apps" section of your Hubitat web interface.

  3. On the right side, in the upper corner, click "Add Built-in App". Search for "Firmware" and it should allow you to install the "Device Firmware Updater" app.

  4. Click on the option "Firmware File Manager".

  5. Next, click on "Choose", then find the file you downloaded, and then select "Upload".

  6. On the Firmware Files Screen click on "Done" to go back to the previous screen. Then click on "Update Z-Wave Firmware".

  7. Select the device, the target (usually 0 - but check the target table to be sure) and the firmware file that you just uploaded. Then click on "Start Firmware Update"

  8. Wait for the update to finish. The switch should flash green and after several minutes, it will reboot.

Updating Using the Z-Wave Firmware Updater Driver

Please use this method if you have the C4 or C5 hub or prefer the use of a driver over a built-in app.

  1. Open up your Hubitat web-app and click on, "Drivers Code" in the menu

  2. Click on, "New Driver"

  3. Click on, "Import"

  4. Paste the following URL into the box: and click, "Import"

    NOTE: On the pop-up that asks, "Are you sure you want to override the code you have in the editor?" click, "Ok"

  5. Click, "Save"

  6. Open the hamburger menu and click on, "Devices"

  7. Find your Inovelli device that you want to update and click on it

  8. Scroll down near the bottom where it says, "Device Information" and click on the drop-down under where it says, "Type"

  9. In the search box, type in, "Z-Wave Firmware Updater" and select it

  10. Click, "Save Device"

  11. Now we're going to figure out the proper file to use. Open up a new tab in your browser, go to: and scroll down to the device you want to update.

    In this case, I'm updating the Black Series Dimmer Switch, so I'm going to scroll down to that product and click on the hyperlink to be taken to the proper files on GitHub.

  12. Figure out what file you want to download and click in either the, "Beta" or "Production" folders.

    To better understand the changelogs for each device, type in the following into your search bar on the Inovelli Help Site: "Device Name Changelog" (instead of, "Device Name" put in the device you want to update). In this case, I want to update to the latest Beta Version, so I will click in the Beta folder and then the proper firmware version folder

  13. Going back to the help article that we listed above, we'll see what files are needed for the firmware update:

    In this case, you can see that we'll need two files -- a .otz and a .bin.

  14. Start with the .otz file. In GitHub, right click on the .otz file and copy the URL.

  15. Go back into your Hubitat web app and paste that URL into where it says, "binaryFirmwareURL" under the, "Update Firmware" box

  16. Where it says, "firmwareTarget:" select the proper target. This information can also be found on the help-desk article we referenced above in the, "Target" column.

    In this case, we can see that the .otz file requires Target 0 (whereas the .bin requires Target 1), so we're going to leave the value as 0 since we're flashing the .otz file first.

  17. Click, "Update Firmware" and your device will start the update process. You can see the status where it says, "firmwareUpdateProgress"

  18. Once completed, you will see that the, "firmwareUpdatePercent" says, "100%" and the, "firmwareUpdateProgress" says, "Completed"

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