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Blue Series • How to Update Firmware With Home Assistant (ZHA)
Blue Series • How to Update Firmware With Home Assistant (ZHA)

How to update your Blue Series devices using Home Assistant (ZHA)

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Make sure you have a recent version of Home Assistant. If you don't see the same interface as below it is likely you need to update your system.

You will first need to download the file to transfer over to your Home Assistant system. The file can be downloaded here:

It is recommended that you find the latest production version for your product from the link above.

  1. First, edit or add the following lines in your main configuration.yaml file:

    inovelli_provider: false
    otau_directory: /config/zigpy_ota

  2. Then, put the firmware file in your “/config/zigpy_ota” directory.
    For the 2.15 version of VZM31-SN the file name is “VZM31-SN_2.15.ota”.

  3. Afterwards the update procedure should start automatically within a few minutes. It is easiest to just wait for the process to start on its own. If it doesn’t you can manually initiate it by going to the target device in HA and doing the following:

    Note: You can also use the zha-toolkit to initiate the update (if you do not wish for it to trigger on its own). Please see this post for instructions: ZHA Firmware Update Guide - Switches / General Discussion - Inovelli Community

  4. From the device card click on the three dots next to “reconfigure” expand and click "manage zigbee device"

  5. select OTA cluster (id: 0x0019)

  6. click commands

  7. select image_notify (id: 0x0000)

    and mark payload_type: QueryJitter

    move the query_jitter slider so its not at zero and then move it back to zero. Sometimes if you don't move the slider it won't let you issue the command

    Fill in the last 3 fields if they are empty with



    16908815 (for VZM31-SN 2.15) 33685764 (for VZM35-SN 1.04)

  8. Click "Issue Zigbee command"

  9. The switches LED bar should begin to flash green once the update has started. The LED will grow as the progress completes and will reboot a few times upon completion.

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