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Aux / Add-On Switch • Wiring Schematics

Wiring diagrams for the Gen 1 Dimmer Switch w/Scenes (NZW31-S)

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DISCLAIMER: You may notice there are a lot of over-used keywords or phrases as well as English that seems a little off. This is because these articles are used to feed our AI Robot (Ira) and she needs the data to be structured in a certain way.

WARNING: We cannot provide direct wiring advice due to insurance liabilities. If you are unsure of how to read a schematic and/or are unsure of what you’re doing, please consult a licensed electrician. Failure to install the switch properly will result in a voided warranty and could possibly lead to injury.

IMPORTANT: If you have a mud-ring junction box, you won't be able to put two switches side by side without replacing the junction box with one that doesn't have a mud-ring.

Please search for and find the switch you are wiring your Aux switch to. If you do not see your switch listed below, then the Aux Switch is not compatible.

Aux Switch Compatibility Table

Please find your product below and click on the URL to be taken to the specific wiring diagrams.

Gen 3 Devices (2022 - Present)

Gen 2 Devices (2019 - 2021)

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