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Blue Series 2-1 Switch • Firmware Changelog
Blue Series 2-1 Switch • Firmware Changelog

This article will go through the changelog for the Blue Series 2-1 Switch (VZM31-SN)

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REMINDER: This switch is only to be used to control lights (except ballasts or any lights connected to a transformer). Do not use the switches on outlets, fans, or any other inductive load.

Current Production Version: 2.15

Current Beta Version: N/A

Development Status: Open

NOTE: Beta firmware is considered unstable - please update at your own risk

Firmware Changelog

Below is the changelog for the Blue Series 2-1 Switch (VZM31-SN).


  • Rows highlighted in blue are production firmware versions

  • Parameters that are hyperlinked lead to the official Blue Series 2-1 Switch • Parameters page for further explanation.

  • Each Firmware Version is hyperlinked to the corresponding GitHub folder

  • In the, "Firmware Version" column, you can find the date code which will tell you what firmware version your switch was produced with. Date codes can be found on the top left of your switch





Enhancements Added

Bug Fixes



Date Codes:


Jul. 24, 2023

Modified P22 so that Single-Pole Full Sine Wave is the default

Modified when P22 is set to a value of 3, P258 will be automatically switched to 1 (On/Off Mode)

Added a Quick Tap Feature to show the firmware version

Added a Quick Tap Feature to switch to Leading or Trailing Edge

Fixed: Optimized issue where switches cannot join hub

Fixed: Optimized the transmitting power of the wireless signal

Officially added Leading / Trailing Edge parameter.


Apr. 11, 2023

Modified P56 range 0-254 (allow double-tap to turn device off)

Optimized dimming flicker problem


Mar. 17, 2023

Further optimized Zigbee messaging


Mar. 15, 2023

Optimized compatibility with dimmable bulbs

Optimized Zigbee messaging network processing

Fixed: Incorrect behavior of P5

Fixed: Adjust the output voltage under non-neutral

Fixed: Mode is not automatically switched to, "dimmer" when the user selects smart bulb mode

Fixed: Reduced unnecessary Zigbee broadcasts


Date Codes:


Feb. 10, 2023

Minimum levels are better optimized w/neutral wire

Added Trailing Edge Dimming¹

Fixed: Ramp Rate remote sometimes not being applied

Trailing Edge Dimming improved switch buzz and LED Bulb Flicker.

Please see notes at the bottom for limitations.


Jan. 18, 2023

Added Option #3 to P22 (Switch Type) - Single-Pole Full Sine Wave

Added Disable Remote Control as a special cluster command (Manufacturer specific command 0x10 (0x00 Enable Remote Control, 0x01 Disable Remote Control)

Fixed: The duty cycle value of dimming will be less than the Max Level Value (miscalculation of max level when that setting is set)

Fixed: Bug that was making set level, "duration" not work correctly

Fixed: Excessive broadcast Report Attributes

Single-Pole Full Sine Wave improves On/Off performance


Date Codes:


Nov. 11, 2022

Fixed: Deployed a fix for the ability to send commands to group binding


Nov. 08, 2022

Removed the sending of multicast commands to avoid switches that would accidentally control other devices within a group

Fixed: Deployed a fix for the wrong destination endpoint used when sending some commands

2.07 introduced a bug with group binding control and it is currently required that you use individual device binding. We recommend not updating to this version.


Nov. 07, 2022

Fixed: Deployed a fix for devices that are bound to the switch not using speed parameters 1-8


Nov. 04, 2022



Date Codes:



Initial Release

  1. Trailing Edge Dimming can only be used if you have a neutral wire and have a Single-Pole or 3-Way Aux setup

Updating Your Firmware

To update your firmware, please click on the hub you have to be taken to specific instructions.

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