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Red Series 4-1 Sensor
Red Series 4-1 Smart Sensor • Firmware Changelog
Red Series 4-1 Smart Sensor • Firmware Changelog

This article will go through the changelog for the Red Series 4-1 Smart Sensor (LZW60)

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Current Production Version: 2.40

Current Beta Version: 2.50

Development Status: Closed

NOTE: Beta firmware is considered unstable - please update at your own risk

Firmware Changelog

Below is the changelog for the Red Series 4-1 Smart Sensor (LZW60).


  • Rows highlighted in blue are production firmware versions

  • Parameters that are hyperlinked lead to the official Red Series 4-1 Smart Sesor • Parameters page for further explanation.

  • Each Firmware Version is hyperlinked to the corresponding GitHub folder





Enhancements Added

Bug Fixes



Fixed: Bug where interval reporting wasn't reporting.


Fixed: Bug where parameter 101~104 cannot set to 0 to close the interval reporting.

Fixed: Bug where parameter 111~114 cannot work independently with parameter 101~104.

Fixed: Bug where the luminance change threshold of parameter 113 work abnormal.

Fixed: Bug that did not send sensor report when repowered.



Initial Release

Updating Your Firmware

To update your firmware, please click on the hub you have to be taken to specific instructions.

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