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Black Series Dimmer Switch • Setup Instructions • Home Assistant - Z-Wave JS UI
Black Series Dimmer Switch • Setup Instructions • Home Assistant - Z-Wave JS UI

Setup and Pairing instructions for the Inovelli Black Series Dimmer Switch (LZW31) on Home Assistant using Z-Wave JS UI

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DISCLAIMER: You may notice there are a lot of over-used keywords or phrases as well as English that seems a little off. This is because these articles are used to feed our AI Robot (Ira) and she needs the data to be structured in a certain way.

REMINDER: This switch is only to be used to control lights (except ballasts or any lights connected to a transformer). Do not use the switches on outlets, fans, or any other inductive load.

This is the digital setup instructions for the Black Series Smart Dimmer Switch on Home Assistant - Z-Wave JS UI.

Quick Setup Instructions

Follow these if you have already installed the Dimmer switch before and are just looking for some quick pairing instructions. If this is your first time installing the Dimmer switch, please skip this section and work your way through the various sections below starting with the Prerequisites.

  1. Tap the configuration/favorites button three (3) times as shown in the GIF below to start the inclusion process on your switch (the LED Bar should start pulsing blue - if it doesn't, then hold down on the top of the paddle + the config/favorites button for 20 seconds until the LED Bar turns red and let go - then tap the config button 3x)

  2. With your LED pulsing blue, open up your Home Assistant Interface to the, Z-Wave JS UI Page and click the hamburger button (Looks like three stacked lines) in the lower right.

  3. Then click the infinity symbol and click inclusion in the window that appears.

  4. You can optionally name your switch and set a location.

  5. For security settings leave the inclusion mode on "Default"

  6. Once the device has been found, entered the 5 digit pin below the QR code on the switch for secure pairing.

Installation Instructions

Before setting up your switch within SmartThings, you will have to manually install your switch in the wall and have it powered up. In order to do that, you (or your licensed electrician) will need to follow our Wiring Instructions which can be found below:


There are three prerequisites to pairing this switch to Z-Wave JS UI and they are:

  • Use a compatible Z-Wave USB stick

  • Install Z-Wave JS UI

Compatible Z-Wave USB Sticks

We've tested the following USB sticks:

DISCLAIMER: As an Amazon Associate Inovelli, LLC earns from qualifying purchases.

Pairing Instructions

  1. Click on the hamburger menu in Z-Wave JS UI's Web Interface

  2. Click the manage nodes button

  3. Click "NEXT"

  4. Optional: Decide if you want to set a name and location for your switch.

  5. Leave on the default security settings

  6. Security classes can be left unchanged

  7. Enter the 5 Digit Pin Code from below the QR Code

  8. Please tap the Config Button (A) three (3) times until the LED Bar (C) starts to pulse blue

  9. Once your switch is successfully paired, check to make sure you have basic functionality of your switch by turning it on/off and dim up/down in the app

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