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Red Series Dimmer Switch • Firmware Changelog
Red Series Dimmer Switch • Firmware Changelog

This article will go through the changelog for the Red Series Dimmer Switch (LZW31-SN)

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REMINDER: This switch is only to be used to control lights (except ballasts or any lights connected to a transformer). Do not use the switches on outlets, fans, or any other inductive load.

Current Production Version: 1.57

Current Beta Version: 1.61

Development Status: Closed

NOTE: Beta firmware is considered unstable - please update at your own risk

IMPORTANT: If you have a non-neutral setup with an aux switch, do not update to firmware version 1.56 as there is a bug that prevents the Red Series Dimmer from detecting the aux switch properly

Firmware Changelog

Below is the changelog for the Red Series Dimmer Switch (LZW31-SN).


  • Rows highlighted in blue are production firmware versions

  • Parameters that are hyperlinked lead to the official Red Series Dimmer Switch • Parameters page for further explanation.

  • Each Firmware Version is hyperlinked to the corresponding GitHub folder

  • In the, "Firmware Version" column, you can find the date code which will tell you what firmware version your switch was produced with. Date codes can be found on the top left of your switch





Enhancements Added

Bug Fixes



Oct. 19, 2021

Fixed: Dimmer sending duplicate reports in certain scenarios while being controlled by certain hubs.


Date Codes:


Jun. 29, 2021

Fixed: Optimization of Aux mode in neutral setting.

Fixed: The inoperative issue after changing P8 from high value to low value.


May 10, 2021

Fixed: Further optimization of Aux switch support in neutral and non-neutral.

IMPORTANT: If you have a non-neutral setup with an aux switch, do not update to firmware version 1.56 as there is a bug that prevents the Red Series Dimmer from detecting the aux switch properly


Apr. 28, 2021

Fixed: When parameter 52 is set to 1 the physical button press would not turn the load off


Apr. 26, 2021

Modified P52 to provide 3 modes. 0 - Normal, 1 - On / Off only mode, 2 - Smart Bulb Mode

Fixed: Aux Can Turn Off but Not On when in Non Neutral mode

Fixed: Protection Set v1 Enabling Protection v2 Remote

Fixed: Boot Loop Issue in Non-Neutral (Red, Green, Blue LED)

Fixed: Aux Switch Not Causing Scenes to be Sent


Jan. 22, 2021

Modified Smart Bulb Mode so that the output can only be turned off by sending a BasicSet(0x00).

Fixed: Solved the problem that the power measured by the light is 5W when the load is not connected (caused by inaccurate power measurement at extremely low power consumption).


Jan. 08, 2021

Fixed: Low brightness would brighten and then darken when being dimmed.

Fixed: Issue where the same value of parameter 5 (Minimum Level) appears inconsistently when both parameters 21 (Power Type =1 - Neutral) and 22 (Switch Type = 1 – 3-Way) are set to 1.


Date Codes:



Sep. 01, 2020

Fixed: S2 bootstrapping issue. Improves S2 compatibility with 700 series hubs like Hubitat C-7.


Jul. 17, 2020

Fixed: Bug that when you select the parameter in local config mode and do not edit it. If you long press the config key to save it, it will set to 0.

Fixed: If you are OTA during dimming, that will cause the bulb to flash.

Fixed: when a device is not on a network, a factory reset by holding down the config button for 25 seconds does not reset the configuration.

Fixed: multiple switches blink green (like they were excluded) when more than one switch is not on a Z-Wave network

P51 enables instant on (ie: disable the 700ms delay).

NOTE: if you disable the delay, it will also disable scene control except for Button 1 (ie: tap up 1x or tap down 1x) and button 7 (config button). All other buttons (2-6) will be disabled.

P52 is used to switch into "smart bulb" mode. If it set to 1, the power will output maximum % when the dimmer is on.


Date Codes:


Jun. 22, 2020

Removed P7 (Invert Switch) and P10 (Default Level) in local configuration mode. This was to make room on the limited Z-wave 500 chip for the following changes:

Increase the output ratio value on the PWM for better compatibility of Smart Bulbs when in single pole or aux switch mode.

Added the ability to change the LED bar to white when P13 is set to 255.


May 27, 2020

Fixed: Bug when double press the switch immediately after using up/down button causes the LED bar to be incorrect.

Fixed: Holtek firmware was saving data too often causing the bulb to flicker.


Apr. 11, 2020

Modify the default value of parameter 11 to 100.

Change the calculation method of parameter 20. Change it from % to KWH. 0=0.01KWH, 10=0.1KWH, 100=1KWH; Modify the range value of parameter 20 to 0~127.

Restart the "Safe guard" time of meter report when the level has been changed. The "Safe guard" timer is to prevent network flooding when device power fluctuates.

Fixed: Bug where parameter 5 could not be set below 10.

Fixed: Bug that Switch Multilevel Start Level Change cannot change level below minimum level parameter number.

Fixed: Bug that Switch Multilevel Start Level Change command can not set the association device brightness to 1%.

Fixed: Bug where the LED bar would work abnormally when the local switch and aux switch are used together.

Fixed: Bug that meter report is sent during dimming resulting in an inaccurate report.

Fixed: Bug that power meter value is 0 when light brightness is 0.


Mar. 28, 2020

Notifications no longer turning off when user adjusts the level or performs various other actions on the switch.

Changing minimum level to 10% to accommodate likely use of LED bulbs.

Change the range of parameter 19 to 0,30-32767 to prevent users from choosing a value that may flood the network.

Fixed Energy & Power Reporting not being disabled when configuration options are set to 0

Fixed power reports flooding network when bulb power consumption fluctuates frequently

HomeSeer: Fixed the non-processing of BasicReports when sent after turning switch on/off from the wall and also changed to SwitchMultiLevelReport

Vera: Fixed association purging issue. Vera was not properly processing group #4 group name. Shortened the name to resolve this issue.

Fixed state sometimes not being restored properly when local protection is enabled.

Fixed dimmer turning off when level rises above 80% on certain circuits. Make sure parameter 21 & 22 are set correctly.

Fixed an issue where when the user sets parameter 5 in switch config mode it causes an exception.

Fixed additional bugs for setting configuration parameters in switch config mode for parameters 5,9,10,11.

Fixed an issue where holding the down key to adjust a device in association group 4 would sometimes turn it off.

Fixed a bug where the duration of parameter 17 is far from the expected value.

Fixed an issue where the interval time of Central Scene notification is far from the expected value.

Fixed the issue of sending two Meter reports when the device is powered on.


Date Codes:



Initial Release

Updating Your Firmware

To update your firmware, please click on the hub you have to be taken to specific instructions.

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