Inovelli Support Overview

This article describes how the support site is laid out and how to use the various features.

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Inovelli Support Overview

When it comes to support, there are a few ways to get it: Self, Assisted and via the Community. Below we will go into the various ways in more detail.


The knowledge-base consists of various articles that will help you better understand your devices. They are divided into various categories that correspond with the device you purchased along with the hub you are using the device with.

For example, if you are searching for the resources for the Blue Series 2-1 switch using SmartThings, you would go to the main page (, select, "Switches", then "Blue Series 2-1 Switch" followed by, "SmartThings". You will see all the SmartThings resources for the Blue Series 2-1 switch in that folder.

In addition, you can use the search bar to ask a question and see the various help articles associated with that question. For example, "Change Blue Series 2-1 from On/Off to Dimmer" yields the following results:

Assisted Support

Assisted support refers to using either our AI robot Ira (Inovelli Robot Assistant) or our customer service reps via our online chat which is located at the bottom right of the screen (red bubble).

Assisted support has replaced the traditional means of writing in a ticket as it provides a much more streamlined response where you're not waiting for emails, but rather can chat with someone quickly.

For more information on how to write a ticket, please see the following page: How to Submit A Support Ticket

Ira (Inovelli Robot Assistant)

Ira is our AI robot that answers a lot of our common questions such as, "how do I initiate a return?" or "how do I change my Blue Series 2-1 to a dimmer switch?" and solves about 50% of our inquiries.

The key to working with Ira is to be concise with your question, but also provide enough information that she can help you. For example:

  • Instead of saying, "my switch doesn't work", say, "my Blue Series 2-1 switch is causing the lights to flicker, how do I fix this?"

  • Instead of saying, "my switch won't pair", say, "my Red Series 2-1 switch will not pair to SmartThings, please provide instructions on how to pair it"

  • Instead of saying, "thread", say, "do any of your switches support the Thread protocol?"

In summary, state your problem with enough information to allow Ira to have something to work with, give her the product name (Blue Series 2-1) and/or model # (VZM31-SN), and, if applicable, the hub you are using (SmartThings, Hubitat, Home Assistant, etc).

Customer Service Reps

Our customer service reps are here to help you with your issue if Ira (Inovelli Robot Assistant) cannot help. Simply select, "Get Additional Help" after you ask your question and Ira will ask you for your email (which is essential if one of our reps isn't available to talk). Please provide your email so that when a response comes in, your email will receive it (along with the chat bubble).

All of your conversations will be saved when you return to the site as shown below once you click on the, "Messages" tab:

Community Support

The final way to get support is to reach out to our community and post there. This is probably the fastest and most accurate method if you have a very complicated question, need help setting up a custom automation or need wiring advice.

We'd love to have you as a part of the community here:

Our Approach To Ticketing

Gone are the days where you need to fill out forms and wait for a response. We believe that ticketing should be a personal conversation that's to the point and provides the quickest resolution to an issue. This is why we switched over to a message only system that will allow you to chat directly with our AI Robot as well as our Customer Service Reps.

We realized we needed a ticketing system to handle customer requests, but we were determined to build it in a different way. We were getting frustrated with the normal ticketing process where one rep gets assigned a ticket, then passes it to another rep if they can't answer it and emails are exchanged that can take days and days. In the smart home world, things move quickly and people want answers now.

So we went to the drawing board and built a platform (with some help) that will help direct people to the proper resource quickly. Be it a knowledge-base article, an AI Robot powered by ChatGPT, or a live person. Our knowledge-base is constantly growing and every time our robot can't get the question correct, we can save the correct answer so that next time it can learn.

We hope you enjoy the knowledge-base upgrade and if you have any feedback, please shoot us a PM!

-Team Inovelli

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