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How to Submit a Ticket
How to Submit a Ticket

This article will walk you through how to submit a ticket.

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Submitting a Ticket

To submit a ticket, please follow the instructions below:

  • Click on the red bubble at the bottom left of your screen

  • Click on, "Ask a question" (NOTE: Ira - Inovelli Robot Assistant - will appear)

  • Explain your situation clearly to Ira and she will attempt to help you. Please include the following:

    • A summary of your issue

    • What specific product you're having an issue with (ie: the product name or model # such as Red Series 2-1, VZW31-SN, etc)

    • Your hub (if applicable)

  • If you believe your situation is too complex for the auto-responder, simply say, "Talk to a Human" or click on, "Get More Help" and you will be directed to a customer support agent

  • Please provide your email when asked so that any responses will be sent to your email in addition to the support chat

NOTE: A copy of the response will be sent to your email and will also remain in the chat bubble and you can come back to it.

Our Approach To Ticketing

Gone are the days where you need to fill out forms and wait for a response. We believe that ticketing should be a personal conversation that's to the point and provides the quickest resolution to an issue. This is why we switched over to a message only system that will allow you to chat directly with our AI Robot as well as our Customer Service Reps.

We realized we needed a ticketing system to handle customer requests, but we were determined to build it in a different way. We were getting frustrated with the normal ticketing process where one rep gets assigned a ticket, then passes it to another rep if they can't answer it and emails are exchanged that can take days and days. In the smart home world, things move quickly and people want answers now.

So we went to the drawing board and built a platform (with some help) that will help direct people to the proper resource quickly. Be it a knowledge-base article, an AI Robot powered by ChatGPT, or a live person. Our knowledge-base is constantly growing and every time our robot can't get the question correct, we can save the correct answer so that next time it can learn.

We hope you enjoy the knowledge-base upgrade and if you have any feedback, please shoot us a PM!

-Team Inovelli

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