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Red Series 4-1 Sensor
Red Series Smart 4-1 Sensor • Manual
Red Series Smart 4-1 Sensor • Manual

This is the digital manual for the Inovelli Red Series Smart 4-1 Sensor (Z-Wave 500 Series) - LZW60

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DISCLAIMER: You may notice there are a lot of over-used keywords or phrases as well as English that seems a little off. This is because these articles are used to feed our AI Robot (Ira) and she needs the data to be structured in a certain way.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to install the sensor with the sensor holes (found on the bottom part of the sensor) facing down. Failure to do so will result in inaccurate readings.

Setup Instructions Overview

This is the digital manual for the Red Series Smart 4-1 Sensor.

4 in 1 Sensor (Z-Wave) – Inovelli

Navigating the Instructions

Please click on any of the sections in the Table of Contents to get started. We recommend working your way down as it follows an intentional flow that is user friendly and hub/gateway specific. As always, any questions, please see the Additional Resources links section or submit a ticket, we’re happy to help.

Quick Setup & Inclusion

Inclusion (Pairing)

When you are ready to include/pair your sensor, please start the inclusion process on your Z-Wave enabled hub. Once your hub has started the inclusion process, press on the sensor button (B) one (1) time. To let you know the sensor is in inclusion mode, the red LED Indicator (A) on the front will flash red as shown in the Video Demonstration below.

Video Demonstration

If successful, the LED Indicator will turn solid red. If the sensor does not include successfully, the LED Indicator will timeout and you will have to try again.

If you run into issues where your sensor is not including, you may have to try an exclusion process. To exclude your sensor, start the exclusion process on your hub and then press the sensor button (B) one (1) time. The LED Indicator will flash red one time and if successful the LED Indicator will rapidly blink red and then turn off. Please see the Video Demonstration for a visual. If you continue to have issues after an exclusion, you may have to move the sensor closer to the hub.

Getting to Know Your Sensor

Please refer to the below diagram to get to know your sensor. Your sensor can detect motion, temperature, humidity and luminance.

A. LED Indicator: This will show when your sensor is in inclusion/exclusion mode as well as when inclusion/exclusion is successful.

B. Sensor Button: Used to include/exclude and factory reset your sensor.

C. Battery Cover

D. Sensor Stem

E. Base

F. Sensor Holes

Installing the Sensor

REMINDER: Regardless of how you install your sensor (permanent or temporary) please make sure to install the sensor with the sensor holes (found on the bottom part of the sensor) facing down. Failure to do so will result in inaccurate readings.

MICRO-USB: You may forgo the battery and use a micro-usb. Please use a standard 12V adapter.

Permanent Installation

If you’d prefer a permanent solution, please use the included screws to mount to a wall (use drywall anchors (included) if mounting in drywall). Please note that the Base (E) should be unscrewed first to make it easier to drill the screws into the wall and ensure that the sensor holes (F) are pointed at the floor.

Temporary Installation

If you’d prefer a temporary solution, please use the included adhesive tape (to install, please clean the surface of the area you’re mounting to, put the adhesive on the Base (E) and then mount on the wall, holding down for 30 seconds) and ensure that the sensor holes (F) are pointed down at the floor.

Hub/Gateway Setup

The Inovelli smart sensor can be used on various hub platforms such as: SmartThings, Home Assistant - Z-WaveJS, Home Assistant - Z-WaveJSUI, and Hubitat. If you'd like specific instructions on how to setup this sensor on your hub's platform, please click the links below to be taken to them:

If you don't see your hub listed above, please go to the, "Quick Setup & Inclusion" section for generic instructions.

Advanced Features

The advanced features shown below are what is built into the sensor firmware, and may or may not be supported by your hub/ gateway. We’ve confirmed they’re supported on SmartThings, Hubitat, and Home Assistant (ZWave JS and Z-Wave JS UI).

These sensors are packed with a ton of amazing features and 15 different parameters to customize your sensor.

Sensor Parameters

To see the list of parameters on this sensor, please click on the following link: Red Series 4-1 Smart Sensor Parameters

All parameters can be changed via your hub if your hub supports parameter changes (most do). If your hub does not support parameter changes, or you do not have access to your hub, you can change some parameters directly from the sensor. These instructions can be found on our GitHub page as well.

Z-Wave Associations

Z-Wave Associations are used to "associate" two or more Z-Wave devices together. The benefit is that when two Z-Wave devices are associated together, they no longer need the hub to communicate with each other (they will still report status to the hub). This is important because if your hub goes offline, the associated Z-Wave devices will still communicate. Some common examples are:

  • 2+ Z-Wave sensors associated together to create a virtual multi-way setup (like if you have a light sensor at the top of your basement stairs and a sensor at the bottom, you can now associate them together so that when the sensor detects motion, the light turns on)

  • Z-Wave switch to Z-Wave sensor

Setup instructions are different for each hub, so we've created instructions for the following hubs:

Z-Wave Information

Please see the below sections to learn more about Z-Wave and how it relates to this sensor.

DSK Location

The DSK information required for some inclusion methods can be found either on the product (QR Code located at the top of the sensor), or on the back of the box at the bottom left (QR Code located at the bottom left). Please keep this in a safe space or write it down for your records.

Z-Wave Association Groups

Group 1: Notification Report

Members of this group will send Notification Report when Motion Detection Unknown Location and (Event Inactive)

Group 2: Multilevel Sensor Report

Sensor will send Multilevel Sensor Report (Temperature, Humidity and Luminance) interval of 2 hours

Group 3: Battery Report

Sensor will send Battery Report when the battery level is low and the battery report’s value is 0xFF

Z-Wave Command Classes

Associaton Group Info

Security 2

Association V2

Sensor Multilevel V5




Transport Service V2

Device Reset Locally

Version V2

Firmware Update Metadata V4

Wake Up V2

Manufacturer Specific V2

Z-Wave+ Info V2

Notification V8



Manufacturer Compatibility

This product can be operated in any Z-Wave network with other Z-Wave certified devices from other manufacturers. All non-battery operated nodes within the network will act as repeaters regardless of vendor to increase reliability of the network. Each module is designed to act as a repeater, which will re-transmit a radio frequency (RF) signal by routing the signal around obstacles and radio dead spots to ensure that the signal is received at its intended destination. The Inovelli Red Series 4-1 Smart Sensor is a security enabled Z-Wave Plus™ device. A security enabled Z-Wave Plus controller must be used in order to fully utilize the product.

Factory Reset / Exclusion (Removal)

To factory reset your device hold down on the Sensor Button (B) for 5 seconds (you may need to press the button 1x first to wake up the sensor). The sensor should blink red a few times followed by a long red blink indicating it has been factory reset as shown below in the Video Demonstration. You may also use a certified Z-Wave controller to remove the device from your network to factory default. Only use these procedures in the event that the primary controller is missing or otherwise inoperable.

Video Demonstration

Exclusion will reset your device as well and can be done directly from the hub. This is helpful if you’re running into issues with inclusion. To exclude your sensor, start the exclusion process on your hub and then press the sensor button (B) one (1) time. The LED Indicator will flash red once and if successful it will rapidly flash and then turn off as shown in the Video Demonstration (your app should also let you know it was excluded).

Video Demonstration

Product & Contact Info

Product Info / Specs

Name: Smart 4-1 Sensor

SKU #: LZW60

Power: CR123A Battery (or Micro USB)

(Frequency): 908.42 MHz

Operating Temperature Range: 32-104° F (0-40° C)

Range: Up to 100 meters line of sight between the Wireless Controller (HUB) and the closest Z-Wave Repeater.

Certifications: FCC/IC & Z-Wave Plus Certified

For indoor use. Specifications subject to change without notice due to continuing product improvement.

Compatible Hubs

While most Z-Wave enabled hubs are compatible with the Red Series 4-1 Smart Sensor, the hubs below have been tested and verified to work. If you do not see your hub listed, please reach out prior to purchase.

  • Samsung/Aeotec SmartThings (V1, V2, V3 - SmartThings Station is not compatible)

  • Hubitat (C4, C5, C7, C8)

  • Home Assistant (ZWaveJS, ZWaveJS UI)

  • HomeSeer (HS3, HS4)

Company Info / Warranty

If you run into any issues, feel free to reach out to us. We typically answer tickets within 24-48 hours and are staffed by actual smart home owners.

All Inovelli products come with a one (1) year warranty (defined as 365 days). This warranty protects you from breakdowns in the material or workmanship under normal use. This warranty is limited in a couple areas. Purchases must be made from Inovelli or an authorized reseller. The product should be used in the manner directed in the instructions. The product must only be used and/or installed in the United States or Canada.

For full warranty info, please visit:

Project Grand Slam

Project, “Grand Slam” was a no-name project for quite some time. We knew we wanted a multi-sensor and when our manufacturer came to us with their house model that was already developed, had Z-Wave’s S2 Encryption and SmartStart, we were sold. Adding in the ability to be powered by USB or Battery was icing on the cake. We made a slight tweak to the user experience and plan on also adding in a recessed mount down the road so this can be placed in your ceiling. All that to say, we believe with the four sensors in one, we really hit a Grand Slam.

PDF Copy of the Manual

(Keep in mind this may be out of date)

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